Producing and promoting Chinese Opera/Theatre and cultural events in Silicon Valley since 2001

Cantonese Opera Association-Silicon Valley is a non-profit organization based in Santa Clara County, California. COASV’s mission is to preserve and promote the fine art of Chinese Opera-Theatre. Using the language, drama, history, music and dance, traditions and symbolism of the traditional performing art of ancient China, the vision is to inspire the diverse ethnic communities of the United States to foster an appreciation of Chinese Opera-Theatre.

The multi-ethnic communities of Santa Clara County have brought many interesting cultural art forms to the area. COASV aspires to promote and present the unique, multi-disciplined art of the wondrous world of Chinese Theatre to cultivate cross-cultural art appreciation in the community.

The Chinese society in California began in 1851 with the immigrant Cantonese laborers of Guangdong province. The Cantonese dialect society is a significant part of the 150-year history and growth of California. COA was founded to basically serve this particular community. Today, the multi-lingual Chinese represent approximately 28 percent of the total population in Santa Clara County.


Things to know about our Director

Founder and Executive Director of COA Ms. Wun Mark has been producing and promoting Chinese Opera/Theatre and cultural events annually in Silicon Valley since 1999. Her training, education and research of the traditional arts are constant. She has traveled to China and Hong Kong to advance her knowledge of Cantonese Opera and the cultural arts.

Ms. Mark’s US productions and visits to China have cultivated strong International relations and respect from many Cantonese Opera artists, officers of the Guangzhou Cultural Arts Bureau and the Chinese Consulate-San Francisco. She is often invited, by other organizations in Santa Clara County, to conduct workshops, lectures and seminars on the topic of Cantonese Opera/Theatre. She has been an invited guest speaker for The Better Half, a local PBS television program, the Chinese Historical Cultural Project (CHCP) speaker series and the Berryessa Chinese Language School, San Jose. Her most recent lecture was April 2008 at Costume-Con26 in San Jose, a national costumer’s event.

She is a member of several community organizations in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. She is a business entrepreneur with over 40 years experience in various industries.